Birds and Butterflies – pattern design

Over the last week or so I have been working on a new design, you might have noticed my new style that I’m going for in my cycling design. Bright and cheerful and cute!

This is for the Spoonflower contest ‘animals by air’ which is coming up on May 24th. This gorgeous little design is the reason why I haven’t created designs for the last two contests actually but I love it so I think it’s worth it:)

I used Paintstorm – my trusty app which I use for pretty much all of my iPad art. I’m trying to get the hang of Procreate as well as I hear that’s pretty good (if you use these I’d love to know what you think!). First I opened a two ‘canvasses’ – one for my drawings, the other to paste the individual drawings and place them where I wanted them. Here you can see all the layers and the canvasses I have open (there’s actually three open here as when I took the screenshot I was also looking at my cycling design).

Here are a few of the individual drawings. Techy tip: to save them like this just hide all layers apart from the one layer that you want to save, then save as a jpeg. Only the visible layer will be saved as the jpeg image.

I tend to struggle with layouts… so this is what takes the most time. When I’ve done my drawings I start the layout ‘process by arranging them together in a fairly simple way (below).

When I’ve done this a dozen or so times (really) I turn on seamless mode and start adding in more if the drawings to really fill the space (I’ve made a whole post about creating a seamless repeat – here). You can see in the layers that I have the central design (layer 1) and the seamless design (layer 2). Layer 0 is empty so just ignore that one!

When it’s all done there’s nothing left to do other than load it up to Spoonflower and check out mock up images 😆

As I said earlier (up there somewhere) this design is for the ‘animals by air’ Spoonflower contest. I’m really loving this style so I’m thinking I’ll do something similar for the contest afterwards ‘animals by land’ (I know I keep going on about Spoonflower contests but they are great motivators). What animals by land do you think I should try out? Foxes maybe? Cats? Maybe I should jungle style?! The art of possibility… 😆

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