Summer Cookout Doodles into a Repeat Pattern


This has been a work in progress for a while but I’m glad to say it’s now complete! I think. I have a bad habit of finding little things to tweak or adjust slightly every time I look at it…

Here’s how it began:

You may recognise this from my 100 Days of Doodles days 78 – 84 🙂

It was a doodle inspired by the Spoonflower contest – theme ‘Summer Cookout’. To me it means barbecue and burgers – veggie or meaty, the choice is yours.

Then it progressed:

And then it progressed further:

I had now moved on from the paper and into my app of choice for creating repeat patterns – Paintstorm. I use the ‘edit, seamless repeat’ function to draw across tiles and turn the pattern into a technical repeat pattern. I imported photos of my doodles into the app and, in a new layer, traced over them making little tweaks as needed. The barbecue was drawn using the ellipse tool to draw a perfect circle and then I cut it in half and angled the top half so it looks like a basic open barbecue. Everything else was either traced or drawn straight in the app (I definitely need my stylus for this – not an expensive one, just a cheap one from amazon).

The intention for this design was to do a chalkboard style and, if you hadn’t guessed from the drawings, my plan was to create a chalkboard ‘menu’ design. I might still do that but I decided it wouldn’t work here in a repeating pattern.

As much as I like the simple black and white chalkboard style I wanted a splash of colour to make some of the items really pop out.

I’m quite happy with it however I can’t decide which if I prefer a black or white background… I tried it on a few mock ups but that just made it harder to decide…what do you think?😀

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