100 Days of Doodles Week 9

What does sewing, old suitcases and paper air planes have in common? Answer: nothing! Other than I doodled all three of these things last week. As you can see this week I definitely have not really kept to a theme but it’s all pretty fun so that’s okay. However it did actually snow today (I’m in the UK btw) and it is December and mornings are getting super frosty so I’m a bit inspired to do a snowy/winters theme for the next lot of Doodles ❄️☃️

Saying that, now I’m well over halfway it’s getting tricky to decide what to doodle! Any ideas?? Let me know! Also, I’d love to know which ones your favourites are this week 😀😀 (I think I know mine… 😆🍫)

57 – Sewing

58 – Old suitcases

59 – Paper air planes

60 – Cars

61 – Hair

62 – Play

63 – Chocolate

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Doodles Week 9

    1. Thanks! Hair was the one that I was most nervous about trying but I’m glad I did 🙂 superheroes = excellent idea 💡 I’m definitely going to give it a go!!!

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