100 Days of Doodles: Week 8

Things are starting to get more wintery as the days get colder and we approach December! These were all drawn in November (last week) but I love that festive feeling so I couldn’t resist a few adorable festive penguins tangled up in fairy lights (string lights) and wearing cute bobble hats 🙂

Hygge – pronounce ‘hoo-gah’ (fyi its fun to say it in a caveman voice – try it out, you wont regret it) was drawn as a mini start point for my Hygge spoonflower contest entry (voting is open for that contest now, if you want to see mine it is under the shop name of The Peach Tree 🙂 ). Anyway I’m mega super inspired by Hygge so I’m looking into that a bit more. If you know of any Hygge sources of inspiration or information please please tell me! Instas, Pinterests, websites, blogs…? Share the knowledge please 🙂 🙂

Day 50  – Have you seen my glasses?

Day 51 – Birds

Day 52 – Hygge

Day 53 – Birdhouses

Day 54 – Oh deer

Day 55 – Festive penguins

Day 56 – Succulents in Pots

11 thoughts on “100 Days of Doodles: Week 8

  1. These look so lovely! My favs are the penguins,birds and succulents :-). I’ve checked your hygge pattern on Spoonflower…that’s nice! I’m getting into doodles too at the moment because I found I can digitize them and color them in both Illustrator and Photoshop (well, learning). The coloring bit can be so much fun. I didn’t know about hygge, so I’ve learnt something new today. I thought your hygge pattern had a scandinavian feel to it 🙂 I don’t know much about inspiration here but if I discover something nice, I’d let you know.

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    1. The penguins are probably my faves as well! Thanks for checking out my Hygge Pattern 🙂 ahh that’s cool I don’t have illustrator so I’m going to start learning how to use Inkscape (it’s free!). Yeah it has a Scandinavian vibe going on – and after doing that one I feel a lot more Scandinavian style design coming up! Thanks yeah keep me in mind if you discover any Hygge inspiration 😃😃😃

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      1. I’m thinking of starting a Scandinavian art board on my pinterest page as well because I started looking into inspiration for that myself a while back. I thought I’d find tons of stuff, given that many people seem to enjoy that type of art, but no, I didn’t find much.

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