100 days of Doodles: Week 7

Wowwww I can’t believe I’m now over halfway through my 100 days of doodles already! Where has that time gone?! I’m really proud of this week though (do I say that every week?this time I really really mean it). I had a couple of little attempts at bounce lettering although I am just learning that (thanks to a short online course I took this week – a review of that is to follow 😁). Also, I’ve very delicately experimented with a touch of colour (!). Only a tiny bit though – there’s yellow in the ‘You are my Sunshine’ day. As always I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts, what’s your favourite? What do you think of the yellow? Do you have any doodle ideas? Or if you don’t really know, then just say ‘hello’ πŸ˜†

Enough about that, here they are! Days 43 – 49

43 – Houses

44 – Wreaths

45 – You are my Sunshine

46 – Foxy

47 – Owls

48 – Pattern

49 – What is the time?

7 thoughts on “100 days of Doodles: Week 7

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