A Few Awesome Lettering Instagram Accounts

Finding inspiration for hand lettering projects is key to developing your own awesome ideas and turning them into reality. As a keen hand letter-er and newbie designer, I absolutely love to follow others and I’m constantly filling my head with ideas. I can’t possibly choose favourites but here’s a few awesome ones that I follow and I think I’ve chosen ones here that all have unique characteristics and interesting differences about them.

Before we get to the awesome Instagram accounts I’ve promised you, I’m going to start by giving you a link to my own Instagram (thepeacheytree) but it comes with a warning – I feel that my Instagram game is currently a tad ‘weak’ (some instas have such beautiful photos and I haven’t figured out quite how they manage it) so please venture to it only if you have low expectations 😂. I’m working on improving it (!). Here’s what you can expect to see on my Instagram…

Now on to the actual lovely instas 😍

Blossoms and Ink – My favourite thing about this Instagram account is that Erica (the hand lettering artist) has a lot of chalkboard posts with single letters. Her other posts with complete words are still beautifully presented, but these single letter posts are quite unique to Blossoms and Ink and allows me to really focus on the shape of the single letter. If you’ve seen my previous post ‘What is a Hand Lettering Anyway?’ then you might recognise this one 😃

Here’s a taster of what you can expect from Blossoms and Ink:

Alliras_inklings – Allira (Canberra, Australia) provides hand lettering services and posts her creations on her Instagram. As well as the hand lettering posts which are super pretty there are also pretty wedding photos, table decorations and cakes which is a lovely mix of beautiful insta images.

Here’s a taster of what you can see on her account:

Inspiredbyemelia – This is kind of what I wish my Instagram looked like, Carrie Sorrell began hand lettering in January 2017 and her Instagram account is a mix of hand lettering and iPad illustration. One of the reasons I love this insta is because Carrie hasn’t even been Hand Lettering for a year but because she’s really keen and puts the work in, you’d think she had been doing it for much longer. Being a newbie, I find this really encouraging. Here’s a few images you will find on her page:

Lepunktnoir – This is another mix of hand lettering on paper and hand lettering on an iPad. It’s a fairly new Instagram compared to some of the others I follow and so there’s only about 78 images so far. What I especially like about this Instagram account is the variety of styles – from white pencil lettering to retro style iPad lettering.

Ohaicrystal – I promise it’s not just the casual Harry Potter reference in the top right image in the layout below that has me totally in love with Crystal’s Instagram page. There’s loads of inspiration to be found here, and I especially love the iPad lettering practice videos. The only thing I don’t like about it is how much it makes me want an iPad Pro… 😆 Here’s why:

YLimeDesigns – Colourful lettering done on the iPad and with pens and paper. It’s not just the cheery colours that I love about this one though, it’s the actual choice of words again which put a smile on my face. There’s also some videos of the work in progress which I love to watch.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see on this Instagram account:

These are just a few of the Instagrams I follow that I find particularly inspiring. I could go on for ages as I follow loads of awesome Instagram accounts! Saying that, as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many decent Instagrams to follow so if you got a lettering (or illustration) Instagram drop me a comment with a link to your page – I’d love to check it out!

😃 😃

Ps. If you’ve got any tips for how exactly I can improve the awesome of my insta – don’t be shy, help a girl out and comment a few tips for me, I reaaaally want to up my instagame 😁

12 thoughts on “A Few Awesome Lettering Instagram Accounts

  1. Hi Lauren! I just took a look at your Instagram. First of all, it’s really unique compared to lots of other lettering accounts I’ve seen. Your last few posts are in black and white, which I think really makes your feed stand out. I also like how you combine lettering and illustration… it’s hard to find people who can do both well, but you sure can! I scrolled back further and found some of your more intricate drawings, and I absolutely love them. I’d recommend using more hashtags so that you can share your work with a wider audience. One thing that really helped me meet connect with others in the beginning was participating in monthly lettering challenges. Also I really like using the app Snapseed to edit photos before posting them. You seem to generally have good lighting in your photos but sometimes Snapseed can take it to the next level. Keep up the great work, and above all just keep on perfecting YOUR own style. Because it’s quite beautiful and unique. 🙂

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    1. Hiya! I have actually just messaged you on Instagram! (Anyone else who reads this LoveLeigh Loops has an EXCEPTIONAL Instagram account that I discovered after writing this post. Check it out! http://instagram.com/loveleighloops)

      Thank you for your kind words – I’m pretty new to design and lettering so I appreciate your vote of confidence big time. Ok yeah I’ll definitely try out using more #hashtags 😀 and I haven’t thought about monthly lettering challenges so I’ll check that out too that’ll be great and I’d really enjoy that. Now I actually have Snapseed and I use it for photos and to put text on featured blog images but I actually hadn’t thought about using the app in this way – I’ll try that too! Thank you so much for all the helpful advice! Watch this space I’m going to have awesome photos 😍
      Thanks again!

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    1. Yeah I’m really glad people have shared their Instagrams on the comments as I might not have seen them otherwise 🙂 thank you for sharing yours! I really love the mix of doodle drawings and lettering 😃

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