Picture Tutorial – Drawing a Flower

This is a 9 step picture tutorial on how to draw a simple tropical flower which is a tutorial inspired by my latest design. This was done in my Paintstorm app, you can get a ‘lite’ version for free on the App Store or pay £13 for the full version. For this drawing, the free one is just fine. Or you could do it using paper, pencil and/or a pen. Just make sure to let any ink dry properly before you erase the pencil lines. This flower is the same as some of the ones on the featured image for this post and the image at the bottom of this post (please check it out😄).

Step 1. In your first layer use the ellipse tool (at the top of the screen, see image below). Then choose whatever colour makes you happy and draw two circles, like the ones in the first image above. These are used as a guide for your petals.

Steps 2 – 5. Unselect the ellipse tool, you don’t need it any more. In a new layer draw the first petal. Then draw the petals like I have in the image above.

Step 6. In the image above I’ve squiggled over a bit that needs erasing. And draw the final petal.

Step 7. Add the extra petal at the top. Check that you’re happy with it before moving to…

Step 8. Clear the layer with the circles.

Step 9. Add the extra details.

I hope you found that picture tutorial helpful – please let me know if you have any questions in the comments 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I doodled a page of tropical plants. It was the first time I had drawn tropical flowers and it wasn’t great quality, but it did help inspire my most recent Spoonflower contest entry. The contest is to create a repeating design which can be used for the Lake Colouring App but it’s also important that it looks good on a piece of fabric.

You can see the page of doodles here in Week 2. I’m also fond of dreamcatchers and I wanted to have a quote in my design (as I’m all excited about my fairly new hobby – Hand Lettering) so I chose the quote ‘never stop dreaming’.

Here is the finished version:

Voting is open on Spoonflower from 2nd November to the 7th November. Please check it out and cast a few votes! You don’t have to join Spoonflower to vote and you can vote for as many or as few as you like 🙂

9 thoughts on “Picture Tutorial – Drawing a Flower

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I have never really succeeded in drawing people, although maybe that’s because I haven’t found the right style for me to draw them in…? I might add it to my list 🙂 thanks for the suggestion 😁😁

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      1. I was just reading something about drawing people through shapes, which is kind of what you did with your flower, you had the round circle. Even for me, I think I need to start simply, i.e.. round head, triangle for body…. 🙂 THEN make them look for cartoony or life like. My daughter wanted to draw Sailor Moon and she felt she couldn’t draw, but then she kept tracing and then drawing her so much that she could do it free hand. Just goes to show, we CAN teach ourselves how to draw, right. YOU are doing an EXCELLENT job! 🙂

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