Happy Halloween!!

Well I don’t know about you, but I have spent my halloween writing ‘Happy Halloween’ in my dotpad. It was a fun project for an hour or so 😃

This is a post just to say ‘Happy Halloween’ to you all and show you how a piece of hand lettering work can move through various stages.

I started by sketching an idea in pencil…

hen I was pretty much happy with it I started to carefully draw over the lines using a black 0.5mm nib (basically a black pen that’s not too thick or too thin). When I came to a letter that I felt like I could improve, I would pick up my pencil again and tweak the drawing slightly. You can see the difference between the Y in the first image and the Y in the image below.

fter I had completed the outline, I started filling it in. Leaving some white within the lines to add a bit more interest to the letters. Then on the spiders web I drew extra lines so they would fit with the style. Then I waited for a while to let the ink dry and erased the pencil.

And here is the finished piece:

'm pretty happy with the finished result… although I am tempted to add a few more swirlygigs (yes it’s the ‘technical’ word😂) around the top of the writing! What do you think? If anyone has a go at doing this let me know how it goes!

Ps. Here is a verymessy ‘Boo’ which took all of about ten minutes 😂😂

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