5 Free Online Lettering Resources

Free things are great aren’t they? Here are a few links (listed in no particular order) to some excellent free resources and information for both newbies to lettering and more experienced letterers and they’re all iPad friendly.

The Happy Ever Crafter – Becca (the Happy Ever Crafter) has lots of entertaining and informative blog posts about various lettering related things, like pen types and bounce lettering. She’s also very kindly put free downloadable worksheets on her blog – wahoo!

By Dawn Nicole – This link will take you to a page where you can download 9 pages of practice sheets! She has other things on her site too so it worth looking around but this is my favourite

Creative Market – this is an awesome page of wonderful, useful, practical tips and information for anyone who wants to learn about lettering. From what is actually is to how to create your own alphabet. There’s even links to YouTube videos for those want to watch lettering in action.

Liz on Call – I know it’s only October but I’m already excited to print out these free printables and practice these festive lettering projects. This link takes you to ‘Joy to the World’ practice sheet but there’s lots of other ones to choose from too 🙂

One Artsy Mama – this blogger has done the free course on Dawn Nicole’s page and this link takes you to a tutorial on how to get started and write the word ‘Joy’. There’s loads other tutorials and free practice pages on this site as well which look awesome.

These are a great place to start! I’ve downloaded so many of the practice worksheets i know I’m going to busy for a while…. If you have a go at any of the practice pages or tutorials let me know how it goes 🙂

Feel free to let me know in a comment of any other awesome online hand lettering resources!

Enjoy your lettering 🙂 🙂

See my product recommendations here 🙂 (that’s an affiliate link btw – that means if you buy something from that link then I’ll probably receive a small ‘referral commission’ at no extra cost to you)

8 thoughts on “5 Free Online Lettering Resources

    1. Aw a free calligraphy challenge! I’d love to start calligraphy (as well as everything else 😺) and free options are excellent for people who don’t really know enough about it to commit to paid courses! Thanks for the recommendation 😁


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