Creating Seamless Patterns (on an iPad app)

For those of you who saw my tutorial on how to make a dreamcatcher, I thought you might like to see a totally finished design using a dreamcatcher. It’s not the exact same dreamcatcher as the one in the tutorial but it was made the same way and is pretty similar!

The design on the featured image was designed for a competition on Spoonflower and voting begins today. I have just seen that there are 479 entries – blimey!

This is a guide on the seamless mode which is a feature in Paintstorm (the app I use to design) and it was a really important feature when creating this design (Paintstorm is my favourite app as it enables me to create awesome designs on my iPad while I am backpacking South East Asia). It’s not a step by step guide on how I made this specific design (that took more hours than I care to admit to and a tutorial would be way too looooooong). But when you understand how to use seamless mode you could start creating awesome seamless designs (please let me know if you do have a go).

What is Seamless Mode

My design needed to be a repeat pattern, and I wanted it to be uncertain where the edges of the design were. That is where Seamless Mode comes in. See below there is just a small square in my screen where my design fits (this is called the canvas), and then look at the second image below, after I have selected seamless mode, you can see that my design is repeating (across nine tiles). You can still see the outline of my canvas though.

So now take a look at the feathers on the bottom of my canvas, see how they leave the canvas, and and the bit that left is actually at the top of my canvas. This stops the edge of your canvas looking like an edge and makes your design sort of edgeless (well, seamless). I appreciate that may not have made too much sense – it’s easier to explain in pictures so take a look below.

These images show a step by step guide to drawing something, and moving it around to create a seamless pattern. Yes, there are only 4 images. Yes that’s all it takes.

Step by Step guide

  1. Draw a thing – maybe try a dreamcatcher like I have done.
  2. Make sure you are in seamless mode for this bit (this is in the Edit menu at the top of your screen). Select your drawing using the select function. Copy it. Don’t paste it yet.
  3. Move your object around your canvas and watch how it overlaps other edges of your canvas.
  4. On edit, select paste. Now you have another object to move around as you see fit.

Tip1– copy your object before you move it around. You won’t be able to select the the bits of the object that are outside of the canvas.

Tip 2 – save your work regularly. I haven’t had a problem with Paintstorm crashing but I’ve heard it can happen.

I really hope you found this useful/interesting and if there’s anything I could’ve done or explained better let me know in a comment – I’m still a newbie at writing tutorials like this πŸ™‚

If you liked it and can’t think of how I could explain it better – let me know that in a comment too!! I’ll genuinely get really excited about it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I mentioned above that I did this design for a competition, which is now open for votes! Ahhh! If you like my design and can spare a few minutes to go to the voting pages and vote for my design… then that would be awesome. They don’t ask for you to have an account to submit a vote so it’s easy. I’ll give you a heads up though, there are a lot of designs (479). When I was scrolling through looking for mine I had to do a ‘find on page’ for thepeachtree (my Spoonflower user name) because I was too impatient to look through all of the others just to check what my thumbnail looked like. This means there’s a lot to look through and if you do find mine and vote for it I’ll appreciate it so much as I know it can take a few minutes to load the designs (or maybe that’s just the wifi at my Indonesian guesthouse – I am on a teeny tiny island after all).

6 thoughts on “Creating Seamless Patterns (on an iPad app)

  1. These look pretty cool! Thanks for sharing this post! I’m not the most creative person but I think I’ll let my family try it out for an activity or so. Hope you’re enjoying backpacking too!

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